Three Steps You Need to Make a Million Dollars

Did I say one million dollars? Yes, yes I did.

There’s a lot of resignation these days about the 1% in the USA – the people who have lots of money while the rest of the country lives without.

I spent a lot of time feeling like it was unjust, and wondered what was different about me, having become a part of that 1%, from all the other women in the world. I could not come up with anything conclusive because I grew up poor like many others who struggle. I did, however, get an education. I also was surrounded by others who had a lot more than I had growing up, and that made me hungry.

I had to master these three steps to make a million dollars, and I had to work at them diligently. Once I reached my goal, I could not leave many other women behind with no support to reach Financial Freedom as well.

I want you to have the choices and lifestyle you choose. Freedom isn’t meant for only 1% of the country. Granted you still have choices if you don’t have money, but I would not be completely honest if I did not admit that money creates many wonderful opportunities.

I know this sounds like it can’t be real.

“Three steps you need to take to make a million dollars!” Ya right.

I am not saying it will be easy, but it completely possible.

STEP ONE: You need focus

The first of the three steps is focus. You need conviction about having money and determination for the long haul to make this happen. Most people succeed with hard work. They get raises, they can start their own companies, and they are willing to work one than one job.

Write down how much you want to make and by when and work towards meeting those goals. Focus gets you into action and musters up all the energy you have towards creating that result. Some call it manifestation with effort. You want to live into the idea of what your life will be like once you have the money. It might mean buying a house, taking a family vacation, or just having enough, so you don’t need to pinch pennies ever again.

STEP TWO: Save it and leave it alone

As you are making money, regardless of the amount you are making, you need to live on a reasonable budget and then save the rest. Yup, I am like a broken record with the saving, but those savings add up. If you look in your closet at all the clothes, you bought for $10.00., $40.00, and 80.00 dollars. That is 130.00 dollars! If you look at how many times you go out to eat in a month, it can be a few hundred dollars as well. If you cut back on both of those and saved only $200.00 a month, that is $2400.00 a year and

if you saved that for five years, that is $12,000.00. You should also have an additional saving account that manages emergency funding. This way you can also be prepared if you run into an unexpected medical problem or a car breaking down. Remember that emergency funds is not when you decide you want a new dress for a party.

My daughter recently went to a dance for school. When she asked for a new dress, I replied that she had plenty of dresses, but she thought of something more creative. She called a friend and borrowed a dress. Now that was a great idea.

I am working to teach my kids how to save as it is one of the best wealth building habits. At first, you feel like you are depriving yourself, but over time it feels so comforting to have a savings account. It is very rewarding when you finally have enough to make your initial investment.

On to the third step to making a million. This last step is the one that will build your wealth like no other.

STEP THREE- Invest your money wisely

The quickest and smartest way to get to a million is to invest. Your money is working while you are out working. It is amazing. You need to invest. I have a very diversified portfolio, which means that I have money in just about everything. I am not going to get to in detail about it because we can save details on investing for another post.

My favorite type of investment is Real Estate. When I was 30, I saved my money and bought my first property. It was a duplex in Los Angeles. I was saving more than $2000.00 a month because I was making a very good salary. With the $40,000.00 that I saved, I bought a $400,000.00 property that today is worth over 1 million dollars.

I could have gone on a fancy trip to Europe with that money or bought a few Gucci purses, but I invested the money. As a result, I have made $30,000.00 a year for the 20 years that I have owned that property!

You do need to be careful with your investments and assess the risks. Do the math, analyze the market, and speak with professionals. Solid investments will appreciate over time. You don’t get rich quick, but ultimately you won’t have to worry about money for the rest of your life.

If you focus, save, and invest, you’ll be able to make a million dollars before you know it!

Please share comments with me if you found this valuable or have questions. If you want to learn about making more money in your business and personal life, check out the work with me page on my website.

You can also take my money personality quiz and Find out how learning the way you operate with money can grow your income and improve your relationship with your finances!


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