More Money Manifesto

We don’t like to say more.

More implies we are not happy with what we have.  It insinuates that we are greedy.  Some think it states we can never be satisfied because we are always reaching higher and higher.

I surrender to more, and I believe that you surrendering to more will allow you to give up being “Fine” or saying “It’s better than nothing” or thought of as “humble.”

People who have the amount of money they want have all given up what others will think about them. You can’t be bold, take risks, and stand for something without objecting opinions. Others also judge you because they wish they had your courage.

Look at positive examples of people who created a life with more like Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, and Richard Branson. They have all amassed fortunes and have given back so much to the world. They live with more because they never hid in a corner in shame due to their desire.

Wanting more money doesn’t mean you want to acquire only riches. More can mean having a nice home, paying for college, and saving for retirement. These days, having a comfortable life requires you to raise your hand.

I want more for you. I want you to have work you enjoy, a business that allows you to grow as much as you want, and a life free from worry about money.

I became a life and money coach to create more opportunities for others to see their greatness and to live into it. More is earning the amount you deserve, carving the path that suits you, and being truthful to your passions.

It is your human right to live your life freely, graciously, and boldly.

If you want more.. Good, more for you.

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