How to Stop Your Money Blocks

If it is true that you can draw whatever amount of money you want to your life, then what is stopping the money from rolling in?
If you are working hard and looking for opportunities, why isn’t your savings account does not seem to be growing? It feels like the same struggles year after years without much progress and you just feel like you can’t get ahead.


In fact, it isn’t likely, it is about 100% guarantee because we all have a relationship to money and our blocks about having an abundant amount. There are ways that you are preventing money from flowing to you free and today I am going to share how to stop it. Now, I am not going to be able to release every block in a 1200-word blog post, but what I am going to share will give you a running start to get onto the path of creating a new relationship with money.


At first, that may seem completely daunting, but all you need to do is look at your behavior in how you run your work life or business. For example, let’s say you are bidding a job to do design work. You have your rate and know the amount of time it will take and the expertise of your work, but when you submit the bid, you lower the number in the last minute or you hit send but then need to have a drink cause you got so stressed out. This is a sign of a block in your relationship is with money.

You clearly don’t feel like you are worthy of the amount you are charging because you are expecting that your potential client will feel like it is too much money. You also may feel like the amount you are asking for is excessive because you don’t want to be seen as a money grubbing “greedy” person. You are also putting a lot of value on what the “money” means. You don’t see your bid as an energetic exchange where you are providing your services in exchange for money. You may have a part of you that does not feel comfortable receiving “money”.

Or maybe you grew up poor like me and you feel like since you were not born into money you are not meant to have it or that you are only entitled to a certain amount. This was my money block for a long time and it was a journey removing this idea from my mind. I grew up seeing the haves and the have nots, and I was a have not. The truth is we just were born how we were born, but I added that meaning to it. I saw every situation with money is that way, but once I saw what I was doing and the pattern I had created of repelling money from me, I could take steps to change


If you ask yourself what the feelings are when it comes to the scenarios that guide your life, you will see certain resistances coming up. For me, I knew that I believed I could only have so much money and for a long time, I thought I could only make no more than a certain amount. If I made more, I was “greedy” or I would run the risk of being superficial and materialistic.

I never made that much more than the amount I thought was reasonable. Luckily, the set point I created was $100,000.00. It wasn’t a super low number, but there was no reason I needed to stop there. The six-figure net income was well managed, and was substantial to start building my life of financial freedom. Look and see if there is a certain number in your mind that you think is enough. If you told yourself that if you made $5,000.00 a month, that would be great. The number you select could be limiting you from making more than that.

What does your story tell you? You will start to see patterns of the same situation coming up over and over again. Can you identify what is happening? Some people go the opposite way and spend too much money because they don’t want to feel deprived.

Debt is a huge issue surrounded by scarcity and shame. Look at yourself honestly and see a block for what it is. Know that you have set yourself up with these ways of being around money to protect you from something. Don’t blame yourself or be embarrassed if you spend more than you have and don’t manage your money properly. You will get through these limitations only by supporting your journey with it and being kind to yourself now. You must let go of the judgement about it if you are going to make a difference. Once you get straight with yourself, move to step three.


If we go back to the feelings of self-doubt about bidding a project, one could say, “I just don’t think anyone will want to pay this much money”! Knowing that there is a value and worth issue, you could look at where that idea came to you when you were a child, and see that it is an idea from the past. Then, tell yourself that you are a talented adult now and bid the job without all the negative noise and hit send.

Remember, if the client thinks the bid is too high, you can generally have a conversation with them about it. If you lose the job because the client was low balling you, it wasn’t a good job for you anyway.

Granted, if you need to pay the bills and are desperate for the job, you might not be in a position to turn down the job. You can certainly communicate clearly about your value to the potential client and know that you can make a compromise that suits you both.

The bottom line is that you set your value.

Let me say it again. You set your value.

You need to own it and even if you still don’t fully believe it, take the action to send the bid and step into a bigger version of yourself. You need to do things differently, in order to create a new result.


As you start to break through your blocks it will feel very uncomfortable. You have been doing things a certain way and getting the same results for some time now. I encourage you to dive in if you really want create more money. Look at yourself and recurring themes, and ask yourself honestly what happened and what your feelings are in relationship to the scenario. Make changes to step into the person you want to be. It will take practice and you will need to constantly be looking at yourself and catching those habits that leave you feeling disempowered and small when it comes to money.

It also helps to talk about it. Share the situations with a friend, a therapist, your partner, or a coach. Getting support and talking about new ways of doing things and your fears around them, can make all the difference in the world. It is possible to make these changes on your own, but we create patterns after a period of time, so we are naturally inclined to go into what is comfortable. If you want a new relationship with money you need to do things differently.

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